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Volume 2 Number 3   MAY 14, 2020


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Mr Marley's Message

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I'm sure by now you have read our latest notice and have heard the latest announcement by the Premier and the Minister for Education. We're all coming back to school and this is great news! After our student-free day on Monday May 25th, Prep to Year 2 students will return on Tuesday May 26th, with Years 3 to 6 students returning on Tuesday June 9th. This is a phased and cautious response that will enable the health officials to monitor the spread of the virus.


We need to be careful, because the pandemic will be with us for a while. The school will undergo a new cleaning regime, and physical distancing will be enacted as much as possible. Assemblies, camps, excursions and non-essential meetings will cease for the time being.


Once again, I thank you for your continued support, and for the positive feedback we have received. The end of this phase is in sight. From my point of view, this crisis has been very challenging, but on the bright side it has given our students new opportunities in working independently, and the school has benefited from new professional learning that became necessary during our switch to remote learning.

I have been advised by the DET that Student Reports will be produced this Semester; however, due to the significant change in teaching and learning arrangements, the reports will be briefer and will only cover assessment items that we can confidently make judgement upon. There will be no assessment against the A to E scale. Student Reports will be back to the standard format at the end of Semester 2, 2020.

This week we all say 'goodbye and good luck!' to Kim who is embarking on a great new adventure - she's expecting a baby! Kim has done a great job in running our performing arts and music program, as well as our school choir. Kim's last day is Friday May 15th, and at this stage she plans to return to her role at the beginning of 2021.

Please join me in wishing Kim and Dave all the best, and we look forward to hearing the great news. 


Until next time, stay safe!

Damian Marley


Twitter @asteroidproject

Email dmarley@warburtonps.net



Freya: Can't you sleep somewhere else?

Odin: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Platypus by Liam


1.  If you eat a bit of it, it might crumble on top of you, which is very dangerous!


2. Very soon you will probably be sick of chocolate and never want to eat chocolate again!

3. It is a type of junk food that is not the best for you so don’t eat too much, because you will get bad teeth and put on weight.

4. You know you like being clean, but you never will if you live in a chocolate house, because there will constantly be chocolate dripping from the walls and everywhere else.

5. Finally, you won’t like everything in your house made of chocolate, because if you have a bath and wipe yourself with a chocolate towel it won’t be that pleasant. It also won’t be pleasant turning on a light switch made of chocolate, and then getting frustrated that it won’t turn on!

In conclusion, it won’t be very fun at all, so why don’t you sell your chocolate house right now and live in a beautiful house like me!

by A'isha, Year 2
Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 11.32.34 am.pn
Ben using GetEpic for reading
Tarrin's soil experiment for STEM
Photo by Ranita

The Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge is on! Your child has received log in details in their Learning Pack. Please visit our VPRC page for more information!



Updates to Learning Packs have now been distributed. Years 3 to 6 students will receive a final set of new materials on Friday May 22nd, to cover the final period of Learning from Home. We will ask you to return 50% or more of the completed work. 


The Learning Packs contained website addresses, user names and passwords for your child to access the learning sites we use at school, including Google Classroom. Children can access the Student Portal (containing all the websites on one page), here.


Google Meet is our video conferencing application, which is part of G-Suite. See Google Classroom for upcoming opportunities and meetings.



We will communicate with our students via phone call, mail, email and video conferencing..

Please visit our Learning from Home page for more guidance.



SMART Spelling

School Choir

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 12.06.12 pm.pn
Photo by Matilda
Colouring by A'isha

Phys Ed at Home Interschool Challenge

We are pleased to give you the opportunity to join in a Phys Ed at Home Interschool Challenge! Andrew Devisser, the Upper Yarra Primary Schools Sports Officer, has put together a great set of challenges that you can do at home with your parents and siblings. The challenge starts on Monday April 20th. Each week you can enter your results on the link Andrew has provided, and he will record and then share how you are going. Other family members can do the same and enter their own results. This is a great way to measure your improvement over time and it fits in with one of our school values, Pursue Your Personal Best! See below for all the details.


Welcome Letter from Andrew

PE at Home Activities Weeks 3 and 4

Important Links for Weeks 3 & 4

PE at Home Results Form

Update from Andrew April 27

     Andrew's Welcome


Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 12.34.57 pm.pn
Illustration by Sybella


by Maddie, Year 6

Child Labour And Why Should I?

Did you know that good ol’ Cadbury and Lindt aren’t as good as they seem? Sure, their chocolate is absolutely delicious. But the people who helped pick ingredients are brutally forced to work eight hours a day or more, using dangerous machines such as chainsaws and machetes. This is called child labour. 

These people are within the age limit of 4 and 17, and get paid less than $2 a day. If they’re really lucky and aren’t working fast enough, they may get whipped if found trying to escape. 

This is unfair. (An understatement). Children should be at school in a safe environment, learning things that teach them to get useful jobs in the future. 


Ethical shopping is an important and respectful habit. It means poor farmers (that work for all different companies) will get paid enough to live on, and provide for their families. Companies might also realise, for example, that no one was really buying their products and perhaps change their ways of producing their food. It’s also better for you, too! I prefer to know that I am eating nice, healthy food that is as close as nature as possible. The closest food to nature is something like raw fish, honey, organic free range meat, and fresh fruit and vegetables. The more ingredients you have, the worse it is for you, the planet, and the growing intelligence of our world.


The Annoying Part

Unfortunately, most ethical companies’ products are more expensive because they pay their farmers the right amount of money, so I know it’s hard to do the right thing. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 2.18.30 pm.png

But if you could try, it would show that you are in agreement that better ingredients make a better planet - therefore you are supporting ethical companies’ more pleasant methods. 

I think unethical food is really interesting. Because it can include hundreds, thousands even, of different foods: cheese, chocolate, milk, yoghurt, fruit, crackers, potato chips, and bread. 

And it’s not just food!!! Clothes, stationery, accessories and more all have a backstory. I might tell you about the brands at the end of this piece. 

Ethical foods are almost always made of good ingredients as well... The fewer ingredients the better. 

For YOUR sake, for the EARTH’S sake, and for the POOR CHILDREN’S sake, please try to buy more ethical products to improve food in this world. 

“How do I know which products are ethical?” You say. 

Well, I can help you with that. On the App Store, download the SHOP ETHICAL app. Here are the app's guides to ethical shopping:

A = Extremely ethical            

B = Quite ethical                     

C = Has its pros and cons

D = Not ethical!

F = Bad. Simply bad.                                                        

Here are some examples of A, B, C, D and F. (I don’t know why E isn’t included.)

Living Planet A (Milk) Mostly organic products, environmental claims. 

San Remo B (Pasta and other products) GM Free brand, voluntary agreement to encourage waste minimisation.


John West C (Tuna) Water pollution in China, dolphin safe, pollution & rubbish dumped in Portneuf River.


Kelloggs D (Cereal) Palm oil sourcing.


Lindt F (Chocolate) Cadbury F (Chocolate) Kettle F (Chips) Irresponsible marketing, human rights violations, racial discrimination*, child labour.

Sakata F (Crackers).


PS If you download the app and check a brand that is rated B or something, keep checking. Small brands often get bought by big ones and the rating may change. :)


PPS I am terribly sorry if I am making you feel guilty. I’m just telling the truth. 


by Ben H

  • Find existing board games and create new rules.

  • Attempt to fix a broken toy or make a new one out of what you have at home.

  • List as many homonyms as possible, [maybe whole class activity].

  • Create a class story where everyone adds a sentence.

  • Find a paragraph out of your favorite book and sing in tune to your favorite song.

  • Learn to juggle.

  • Help parents with shopping list.

  • Draw something in your room or through your window.

  • List all your family members' corny jokes!