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Volume 2 Number 7   AUGUST 7, 2020


Mr Marley's Message

It seems each time I write my message, things have changed, and today is no exception. We are now in Stage 4 lockdown and movement has been restricted even further. This is a very difficult time for everyone, and my heart goes out to parents and families who have lost jobs and are doing it tough. We have to continue to work together to beat the spread of this virus, and the school will continue to do everything we can to keep all of our students engaged and involved in their learning.


At time of writing I am still awaiting updated guidelines from the DET as to how the school is to operate in these new conditions, with all the complexities involved in determining 'permitted workers'. What I do know is the school will now have less staff working on site, and less movement of adults through the school. We are now required to only accept students on site who meet specific criteria. It's frustrating that this reverses the rules from only a few weeks ago, but it is necessary. Again, I thank you all for your patience and support.

We are finding our students engaging strongly on Google Classroom and our other online formats, along with the paper-based Learning Packs. However, I understand if at this point your children are finding it more difficult to maintain their enthusiasm as this situation drags on. Please remember that we do not expect all of the set work to be completed; we are providing what we think is appropriate. Please contact myself or your child's teacher if you have any queries or concerns, and let me know if you need any assistance with the learning technologies.

Stay safe and look after yourselves and your loved ones,

Damian Marley


Twitter @asteroidproject

Platypus by Liam




by Sadie

Hi my name is Ella and this book is About Me, the brave girl as you know!

"I want to go to school!! NOW!!!!!"

“No,” her parents said.


So when her parents went to sleep. she waited til the morning, and that one morning she snuck out and was never to be seen again/ but she was actually staying with her grandparents who were teachers.

The Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge is on! Your child has received log in details in their Learning Pack. Please visit our VPRC page for more information!


Space Stuff

SMART Spelling




by A'isha

Hail, falling on a cold winter's morning

Frozen to death, as I stumble out of the doorway.

Slowly lagging behind my sister Minka as she starts to quickly pick grass for our cute, fluffy guinea pigs. 

As my hands touch the strong, wet, and leathery grass, they feel full of frozen pain.

Ignoring the pain, I continue to pick grass.

Finally I am finished.

Stumbling back through the grass with my sister, into our house with a colourful warm fire standing in our living room.


Smelling, what I almost call the best smell in the world, of warm toast with creamy butter and thick fruity jam.

“This is the best moment of my life,”I say to myself (of course it isn't, I'm just over imagining it.) 

As my Tati (Dad) calls me and Minka over for breakfast I feel my tummy start to rumble.

“Yum, yum, yum,” my thoughts say as they sway through my head.

Ahhh! Breakfast at last.

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