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Warburton Primary School fosters a love of Art and Art History through a rich and engaging Art program that teaches students the basics of colour theory, Art history, techniques, skills, methods and materials, as well as an appreciation for specific arists, both local and abroad. 

All students participate in a weekly Visual Arts session with a specialist teacher. Lessons provide an environment where imagination, experimentation, creativity, and self-expression can flourish.


Students explore personal interests and develop skills, knowledge, and understandings in a sequential program while working with a range of materials. Students engage in art forms such as painting, drawing, printmaking, clay, threads and textiles, construction, modelling and collage.

Our students learn about the history of Art and specific art movements. They are presented with situations that encourage them to think in different ways. Students acquire skills and knowledge in Art, comparing and discussing what they have learnt. They use these understandings in problem-solving activities and apply them in other tasks. Students are encouraged to analyse outcomes and reflect on their learning and experiences. The program enables students to incorporate aspects of technology, science, literature and mathematics into their artwork.

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