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Developmental Learning

Developmental Learning at Warburton Primary School.

The Junior classroom is committed to providing learning and investigation opportunities that foster and honour the different developmental stages and learning styles of the children. We have an investigation room dedicated to activities that provide the children with sensory, creative/collage, dramatic play, block and box construction opportunities. Through collaborative play and creativity the children build social and emotional skills, problem solve, plan and make decisions in an environment that encompasses student agency and builds engagement. Activities are designed to support other learning areas and provide opportunities for children to practice skills and concepts explored in the classroom.  



PMP stands for Perceptual Motor Program. This is a movement based program which helps younger students to improve their eye/hand and eye/foot coordination, fitness, balance, locomotion and eye-tracking skills.

PMP involves brain functions necessary to plan and make decisions from simple to more complex skills. Building perceptual motor skills allows children to practice these complex and unfamiliar tasks such as stepping backwards without looking or touching the right hand to the left knee. Having opportunities to participate in the PMP program gives students opportunities to:

· Develop fundamental movement skills, such as crawling, balancing and hopping.

· Practice coordination, eye-tracking, fitness and balancing skills.

· Build a PMP vocabulary and practice language such as forwards, backwards and along, showing these movements using a range of equipment.

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