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Student Voice and Leadership

Our Students' Voice

Written by our student Media Team Captains

School Captains


What is the best part about Warburton Primary School? 

The fact that it’s a small school. You get to know everyone so well, making it a warm and welcoming environment for everyone. 


What kinds of things do you do as school captains? 

Being leaders of Warburton Primary we represent the school at various events. We are proud to be role models in which people look up to, can trust and come to for help.


What are your goals for Warburton Primary School this year? 

To make the school a more enjoyable working environment for the students and teachers alike, and suggesting improvements where possible.


Do you have any specific things they would like to improve?  

We would like to improve or add some things in the classrooms such as sensory fidgets or different textured objects that might help students to focus and learn better or calm down after stressful moments. We can also learn more about what students would like to have in the school through the Junior School Council.


Junior School Council

(Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)


What do you do as a member of the JSC?

I pay respect to the school, we listen to ideas. talking about and making adjustments to the school captains' assembly script sheet. We plant plants in the garden and improve the grounds. 


What are you working on at the moment?

We're learning about aboriginal traditions and adding more things about the  environment in the school captain script and more things like new hand dryers and supplies for the rainbow cubby.   


What are your big ideas for our school for this year?

To fix the flying fox, renovate the cubby, and put a slide down the hill near the music room. 


School Media Team


What do you do in your roles as a School Media Team? Interview multiple people and create content for the new school website and the school newspaper and at this school it would be lovely if everyone could come to Warburton Primary School and get the education they need. It's a school where people thrive! 


What do you love about Warburton Primary School?

The school is so small you can tell who is who by their shoes and the sound of their footsteps. And it's nice to have a connection with the class and the community.  


What are you looking forward to reporting on this year?

The time capsule from 1975 being opened in term two and the other events throughout the year. 

House Captains and

Sports Captains 


What are you looking forward to in your roles this year?

To teach people new games, and get School House colours back at Warburton Primary School after such a long time of not having them. 


What sports do you want to get your houses involved in?

Downball, basketball, soccer, tennis, possum ball, football, cricket, dodgeball, capture the flag and baseball.


What do you think is good sportspersonship?

Being kind. Having a good game. Being fair. Honesty. 

Our School Captains run our  Whole School Assemblies 
Our School Captains from left to right:
Piper Elsegood, Ben Hunter, A'isha Strbac
A WPS Junior School Council meeting held to redesign and rewrite our school's Acknowledgement of Country.
Our school leaders collaborating with the Yarra Ranges Council 'My Conversation' project to discuss and develop solutions for the school community and plan how they will implement change using funding. 
Our 2023 House Captains from left to right: 
Josh Smithett (Bunjil House - Red)
Levi Frost (Warin House - Green)
Cash Sayer-Boast (Gurrng-Gurrng - Blue)
Our 2023 Sports Captains from left to right: 
Riley Shahin, Jesse Elsegood 
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