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Harvest Café 

Harvest Café 1485

Harvest Café is Warburton Primary School’s own sustainable garden program. All students (F-6) participate in 90-minute sessions on a weekly basis.


There are many garden spaces within the school that the students have opportunities to sow, grow, harvest and prepare seasonal produce from including; The Patch, Pollinators Garden, Herb Haven, Bush Tucker indigenous produce garden and the Sweet & Sour Orchard.

Harvest Café is also aligned to the Victorian Curriculum and classroom themes, further embedding the learning & engagement of students. Students participate in a variety of tasks such as;

  • Sowing seeds and plants

  • Promoting healthy growth of plants by watering & removing weeds and pests

  • Identifying beneficial insects & bugs

  • Saving seeds

  • Designing garden spaces

  • Harvesting, preparing & serving produce

Harvest Café has a strong emphasis on using recycled and sustainable materials as much as possible. Students are actively involved in the planning and design of garden spaces, as well as the ongoing care and maintenance.

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